Annie Kirkman

‘Yesterday I walked through Beverley town centre. A 20 minute journey that took an hour, where I sauntered along happily, bumping into familiar faces.

Today I travelled through London. A journey that took 45 minutes where no-one even looked me in the eye.’

I wrote this when, after living away for the majority of 6 years, I realised that there really is ‘no place like home’.

I was born in Beverley and grew up in a close family whilst forming friendships which have continued to strengthen for over 22 years. I feel extremely lucky to have this level of support as it was undoubtedly my motivation to take courage in pursuing the career I wanted.

Being a part of She Productions has reinforced my love of creativity in performance. For me, the fun of theatre doesn’t simply reside on stage in front of an audience, but it’s in the rehearsal room when you have the ability to produce original work that you can all take complete ownership of. Not only has She Productions given me the freedom to devise new work but I’m lucky enough to have a group of like-minded women around me who take pride in what we do.

Aside from performing, which plays a huge role in my life, but is only my job, I spend a lot of time with friends and family. I have two cats, Sergeant and Pepper who I am strangely obsessed and therefore I had to mention them! I also run a singing waitress company, surpriSING, where we turn up to events disguised as waitresses, start arguing during dessert and then literally burst into song - it is a lot of fun!

Bring me a cup of tea and some cake and we will be friends.

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