Hester Arden

I was born in Beverley. I grew up in Hull on Westbourne Avenue, and at 18 I stuffed my parents car full and moved down to London. The first year was amazing but hard, I came back home for a couple of months, got my act together so to speak and did it again, bolder, better.

My older brother and I used to sing songs as kids-then as teenagers this progressed and I’ve sung in a band for most of my teenage and adult life until the two couldn’t be balanced.

I got my first ‘break’ from Jane and John Godber in a short film they made about kids who didn’t quite fit in at school- set in Hull- called ‘Odd Squad’ and that opened up things a little for me and made the prospect of doing this as an actual job more real.

Going to RADA gave me confidence and the training that I wanted at the time. It was a privilege - but ultimately it’s after training that the world really kicks in and you have to take a look at yourself and the industry and carve yourself a unique little space in it. Making work, finding work, creating work- looking at your networks and not shying away from approaching those people whom you admire to try and get involved and make a difference- all hopefully culminating in something beautiful or moving for the audience. After all - it’s all about the audience.

‘She’ is exciting. A new theatre company crammed with fresh intelligence and motivation with the energy and talent to back it up. It’s born out of a lack of somewhere for this talent to be and a desire for the work and art in our area. We need the arts to bring us all together, make us think, help us to enjoy, imagine and breathe. Just look at the first year of ERT and the joy it’s brought for proof.

Watch this space, there’s a brilliant new thing blooming under our noses.

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