The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms

Written by Jessica Duffield & Annie Kirkman
Composed by Rachel Barnes
Produced by Ellie Claughton
Technical Direction by Simon Bedwell
Artwork by Luke W. Robson
Costume by Tiffany Wilkinson
Narrator - Alice Rose Palmer
King Kirk Ella - Alice Gold
Umbar Ella - Jessica Duffield
Acap Ella - Rachel Barnes
Salmon Ella - Annie Kirkman
Lemon Ella - Hannah Levy

Let us take you on a journey to a land that’s faraway, where anything is possible, Where dreams will be fulfilled.

Let us enter The Three Kingdoms, in a sugar-coated carriage; No desire will be denied as what you want you’ll always get. But just be warned to think it through; a wish forever stays with you.

Be careful what you wish for...

“A talented ensemble cast sing, dance, tap, joke and emote their way through a fun and witty tale that will appeal to audiences young and old.” - Hull Daily Mail

“Flawless! Bravo! 5 stars! Congratulations! You will be spellbound”

"The show was funny, magical, original, vivid and varied.” - East Riding Mums

“The Three Kingdoms is an eclectic mix of entertainment filled with surprises and which takes the best elements from slapstick, circus and pantomime.” - Yorkshire Times

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